Building Community in the time of COVID-19: Communications

For any community-based non-profit organization, the operative word is COMMUNITY. It’s hard to build community with COVID-19 precautions. However, PWPA has an arsenal of tools available to maintain contact and engage with all of you. This newsletter is but one…

You probably also know all about the Zoom meetings, which have replaced our wonderful get togethers at the Little School House. But did you also know we have a roster of social media platforms to keep you up to date as well. You can comment, share your thoughts, ask questions and join in online discussions on all of them.

Facebook is the most used platform and many of you may already have facebook accounts for keeping in touch with family. PWPA posts on Facebook at least once a day with information on what’s going on in BC with respect to watersheds, and their threats. We also post updates on our projects as well as government policies, regulations, and events (federal, provincial and local) that are germane to watershed protection and ecosystem health.  Please visit us on Facebook, LIKE an Follow us, and do comment or ask questions.  PWPA on Facebook


PWPA also has an Instagram (IG) account which has been dormant for a year or so, but we have recently started posting there again. Instagram is about photos and stories. If you don’t care for the drama that sometimes breaks out of Facebook, you’ll find IG a much more sensible and “genteel” platform.  Photos are front and centre on Instagram, and groups of photos become stories – annotated slideshows that go into more depth that a single photo can.  You can also comment and ask questions.


Finally we also have a Twitter account used mainly for reaching elected officials, corporations and public figures, although many of us “regular folks” are on Twitter to get our news or to learn of breaking updates around the world.


How to Stay Engaged in the COVID environment

So if you want to see pretty pictures and enjoy the “picture is worth a thousand words” ethos, come visit us on Instagram.  Instagram app or on a computer. Our handle is  @peachlandwpa  or use the links above.

If you want to engage with others in the community about PWPA projects and activities, as well as the PWPA team, Facebook is where you want to be. There are photos and videos here too, but the main event is conversations that arise from our posts, where you can interact with others as well as PWPA. or use the links above.

And if you just need a short (really short) synopsis of PWPA activities Twitter is for you. It’s like the national 11:00 news – mostly just headlines to keep you in the loops, with the odd in-depth discussion or deep investigative thread of tweets (posts).  Twitter app or on the computer, or use the links above.

If all of this interest you but you don’t have accounts on these platforms yet, but would like to, let us know and we can help get you set up.