Safeguarding Peachland's Watershed

We are part of a global movement that understands water is precious and deserves our respect and protection.

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The Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance seeks solutions to our water crisis.

The vulnerability of our watershed — illustrated by our poor quality drinking water and annual flooding — is our chief concern. Our mandate is the preservation and protection of all watersheds in our community, with a goal of providing a consistent quantity, quality and timing of flow of water.

The alliance is dedicated to ecosystem research and education, and encourages the adaption of site sensitive, ecologically based forestry practices in the public forests located in Peachland’s watersheds. Our activities include area walk and talks with water, land and tree experts as well as industry representatives; communicating with all levels of governments; info sessions; kids’ education days, and a speaker’s series.

Please join us as we work together to preserve and protect Peachland’s watershed.

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