Part of my platform is to form a stronger and better working relationship with the province and the relevant ministers, to the extent they are willing to listen. I am willing to travel to Victoria as necessary to form relationships to get Peachland heard.

This is a tall order! I do not know the extent all the the levels of government and First Nations are willing to participate in this, but I certainly believe in taking bold steps to protect our watershed. I am currently investigating the merits of applying to the province to extend our boundaries to own our watershed, as Vancouver has done. There is a grant available to hire a specific consultant to do a store for this purpose. The study could be used for leverage when engaging government, so we can say we know what exactly we are advocating for.

Too hard to implement this. So currently a no. But willing to investigate the merits of the idea further, including the legalities of it.

Too many questions to answer at once. And you are making assumptions. I am willing to understand exactly the status of our watershed and capacity to service Peachland before jumping to conclusions. I am all for advocating to change logging practises to help our watershed, and for expanding our boundaries to own our watershed. As for development, we should know how much more capacity we have. My understanding is we are nowhere near capacity.

First if all, I question the $45 million price tag and what level of capacity the WTP can provide. Abs we will not grow that fast, as well some developments will stall. But in principle, you want developers to pat as much as possible towards infrastructure including the WTP. Can you on as a councillor guarantee that taxpayers will never have to pay for upgrades? No you can’t! No one has that kind of crystal ball. But you can commit to trying to make developers contribute as much as possible.