I can not promise that a Peachland proposed project will get the funds. This lies not in a Mayor's power, and you should never make promises you can not keep. The only thing I can promise is that I will closely follow up and communicate the need for funding with the government agency responsible for the disbursement of funds, even if this means visiting Victoria and meeting with them one on one.

I will work with local Syilx communities and provincial and federal governments to establish a BC Watershed Security Fund for Peachland and neighbouring areas. I believe in partnerships and strength in numbers.

I support a user pay system for heavy trucks using municipal roads. That being said, we must look into all regulations to see if this is possible. Working with local stakeholders and Provincial and Federal Government is crucial to get the ball rolling.

I would add the request for a meeting in person; meeting eye to eye is always better than just sending a letter. As your Mayor, I will gladly meet them in Victoria or a place of their choosing.

I am very comfortable engaging on behalf of the District if acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements in the watershed as well as service negotiations with Glencore or other industry comes up. As part of the upcoming budget deliberations, staff will be bringing forward to Council a request to complete an updated water availability analysis which update these values as well as the situation in the watershed with regards to water licensing, ultimate buildout, etc.

All future upgrades are to be borne by developers since the costs are principally related to development expansion. This can be done through the process of DCC’s or through the developer fronting the initial cost prior to the develop proceeding (consider the initial Ponderosa works in which a substantial portion of the District’s watermain trunk was installed between Gladstone Rd and Ponderosa Drive – allowing for service to their lands as well as existing properties within the Ponderosa area)