We urgently need a "Cummulative Effects" study of our watershed that not only takes into consideration logging, recreation, mining, cattle grazing, but also Climate Change. A couple weeks ago, I led an in-person meeting with Minister Josie Osborne to reiterate how important such a study is to us and to ask that funding be available in 2023 from the new Watershed Security Strategy and Fund. I discuss this with her every time we speak and will continue to do so, as your Mayor.

I already work with several local First Nations, as I respect their knowledge, insight, and respect for water. Collaboration is imperative, and I want to reach out to more of the Okanagan Nation Alliance member communties, because the greater the voice, the stronger our combined success. I am also the Vice-Chair of the Okangan Basin Water Board, and hope that I will be re-elected in order to continue the good work they do, which is now focusing more on source water protectoion. I absolutely want to see a continuation of monies go into the Watershed Security Strategy and Fund each year, and will fight for that, for sure.

This is a good question, and I have brought this up numerous times with Council and Staff. I been told there are legal hurdles, but I believe it is worth pursuing. I think it's ridiculous that we have permitted four trips a day per logging company, because they get around that by using multiple companies. The wear and tear on our roads is terrible, as is the noise and smells that neighbours living on Princeton Avenue have to endure. I strongly believe that this is an issue that we MUST pursue. Why should the taxpayers pay for the wear and tear? If re-elected I will absolutely work on this.

I have sent out more than one letter, and brought this up to Katrine Conroy in-person, as well as, other Ministers, including Josie Osborne, and this time we made sure to include a link to the time-lapse video of all the clear-cutting over the years. In addition to my persistence, what would help give us more "teeth" in this would be an updated study to the Golder Report (2010) and a "Cummulative Effects" study. Minister Osborne has already said the video was startling...let's keep going!

Like you, I want to get the precise facts, and not work on assumptions. We need to get an updated version of the Golder Report and a cummulative effects study done. I know I sound like a broken record on this, but water is our most precious resource and we must protect it not only for us, the natural ecosystem, but for future generations as well. I have already been looking into watershed reserves, as well.

There are many questions in one here that require much more than 500 characters to answer. As Vice-Chair of the OBWB, lake level management, source water protection, healthy watershed, are all things I work on. I can't stress enough that those two studies I've already mentioned need to be complete asap. I can better answer this more fully on my website and blog at