Rick submitted his response after we had published the survey 5 days before the election.

Council has the ability to provide letters of support to projects as well as to directly reach out to Minister's offices or through our MLA. If elected, I would ensure these steps are taken in support of appropriate projects.

Once being provided sufficient details about the initiative to confirm Council's support I would ensure that Council pressured appropriate levels of government both through our MLA/MP as well as direct contact to appropriate ministers' offices.

This sounds like a reasonable suggestion. I would need to better understand the implications and authority to implement any such measures, as well as the status of any existing arrangements prior to proposing any specific new measures.

I believe the previous letter presented our concerns well. Other than pointing out the intervening activity since the original letter I am not aware of any other additions needed but would listen to the advice of the HWC prior to sending a new letter.

Protection of our watershed and source water is critical for all current and future residents of Peachland. Ensuring that no development occurs beyond our resources, and water being one of the most critical of these, is a responsibility of Council. I am comfortable taking whatever steps are deemed necessary, however I am not comfortable committing to a set of hypothetical actions without being presented with adequate information to make decisions.

We need to determine what level of DCC is required for each of the two future upgrades (reservoir and WTP) and ensure that these are levied on all new home constructions.