Daniel Pierce films Peachland Lake, the reservoir for our drinking water. Notice the active road along the immediate shoreline.

If this most recent “lockdown” has you burned out from too much Netflix, maybe you need to start watching some local productions!

Daniel Pierce, of Ramshackle Productions is producing a video series about the impact of industrial logging in the interior of BC. Since PWPA’s presence in the community has been curtailed this year because of COVID-19, our visibility in the community has been drastically reduced. We had an opportunity to partner with Daniel on the production of this video series, where he explores the situation in Peachland’s watershed. Here is the link to the trailer. The full video will be released in the spring. We’ll keep you updated about viewing opportunities for the final product.


Along the same lines, UBC and the Okanagan Sustainability Leadership Council teamed up to do a video series on floods and flood resiliency in the Okanagan. PWPA suggested that Peachland’s recent years of flooding should be featured in the video, and as thanks for the support,  PWPA received all footage and images used to create the segment. We’ll be creating some amazing short videos and extended “explainers” that show the shocking state of our watershed and how it contributes to our spring flooding extremes, backed up with data from a professional forester Herb Hammond. You can watch the video here.


Herb has also recently been selected a Guest Columnist in the West K News for his article about Peachland’s watershed. You can read his what he has to say here.


This is all great exposure for PWPA as we endeavour to execute our mission while respecting COVID protocols and orders. If you’re not a member of PWPA yet, please consider joining us in the quest to save our watershed – the source of our drinking water, and nature’s flood mitigation system. JOIN HERE

Daniel films clear-cuts in Peachland’s watershed at Brenda Mine.