Through advocacy targeted at Minister Heyman (Environmnt and Climate Change Strategy) and our MLA, Dan Ashton.

By understanding the engagement process, by contributing to its effective development, and by participation at the table.

I do not see this as a simple Yes or No question which is why I checked No. I do support the goal, but with the reservation that I need more information before settling on any particular plan for implementation.

The letter is clear and does not need elaboration. However, the addition of factual information regarding the verbal and written exchanges that have taken place between the District (elected and staff ) and Minister(s) and Deputy Ministers would be instructive. Similarly, the inclusion of data on recent harvesting volumes, re--planting levels, and related road construction activity will be helpful in reinforcing the urgent need for the recommended moratorium. .

Protection of our water source and ecosystem, and ensuring that development does not compromise a sustainable level of water supply, are issues of vital importance to Peachland. Ideally we would have control over all decisions affecting watershed health, and valid information to inform decision making. Until we achieve that goal (perhaps through a new governance model) I support taking whatever legal steps are available to us.

The question and background facts clearly illustrate the mistaken belief, held by many, that growth is essential for a healthy tax base and as a means to keep property taxes low. There are many area where we under-recover the costs of growth because DCC's and other developer contributions do not even contribute towards them - fire, policing, public administration are examples. With respect to funding water-treatment plant expansion, fairness and equity need to be primary values.