Birding Workshop Update

On the hottest day of the decade, PWPA members & friends lead by Okanagan birder and photographer, James Jansen, ventured into the watershed in search of local and migratory birds.

We were not disappointed. In fact, the outing proved to be more than educational – James was able to call to a Northern Pygmy Owl, a species of concern, who flew right up to the shady trees our group were standing under.

PWPA member Kari Kellen snapped this amazing photo, as well as a few others. But this proof of the presence of these owls in our watershed may be a reason for the provincial government to defer logging in the area until we can gather more information about this little owl’s habitat and population status.

And to add some more excitement, James had a contest for us all at the end of the day – who could remember the names of all the birds we saw and heard?

And the Winner was Heidi!

List of Birds We Saw

The Star of the Show