Do you a love of outdoors, and the ability to access lake in our watershed? Are you a citizen scientist or want to be one?

Do you have limited time to help your community, but want something simple to do?

PWPA has done water monitoring in the lakes and creeks above Peachland for the past 3 years. We are helping the World Wildlife Federation and Water Rangers in capturing missing data from watersheds all across Canada. Our success means we need more help!

The commitment is one day a month for less than an hour, to gather water samples from our lakes and creeks. Spots to be tested could include Spring Lake, anywhere on Deep Creek, Peachland Lake or Creek, Wilson Lakes and Suzie’s Pond. We have volunteers that can even help you with the reporting of the findings on line.

As an advocacy and information group, with a focus on watershed watch, continuing to test our local water in areas the District does NOT is important data for the overall health of our water sources.

If you are unable to do it, please brainstorm your friends, families, and neighbours; and help us find someone who can. It is a fun activity for a budding mad scientist grandchild who you can take into the forest for nature walks & outdoor learning.

Currently we have 2 testing kits available.