PWPA Spring Cleanup – it’s a wrap!

While big business plunders our watersheds, they are not the only culprits. Small businesses and certain individuals seem to think that not only is the world their oyster, it’s their personal garbage dump.

PWPA teamed up with the Okanagan Forest Task Force, and Greata Creek Camp to organize the 2021 Spring Cleanup. It was a huge success, with over 75 community volunteers, including  27 PWPA members, pulling over 8.3 metric tonnes of garbage, abandoned vehicles, scrap metal, furniture, and assorted junk out of our ravines and forest.

Thank you to our community, and volunteers from all over the Okanagan for coming out to assist. It was an awesome team effort. Special thanks to PWPA members: Val McGillivra,y Virginia Schmidt, Chris Meszaros, Mirel Domsa, Gwyneth Foster-Newell, Dan Newell, Jeremiah Walker , Maggie Lovelock, John Youngblut, Linda Youngblut, Livia DiGirolamo, Margaret Ancill, Steve Friedman, Paula Friedman, Tony Chadwick, Norm Day, Lloyd Sotas, Lorne Davies, Lee Humphries, Cory Sutton, Tamara Stewart, Dawn Boys, Mike Molloy, Alex Morrison, Dora Stewart, Jack Gerow, Taryn Skalbania

Many thanks to all our partners  – teamwork at its best:
District of Peachland
BC Conservation Officer Service
ABC Recycling

GFL Ecosystems
Greta Creek Camp
Okanagan ATV tours

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