Greetings all,
 Some of you may know me already, so for those who do not,  I will introduce myself:
 My name is Barb Haley and I have been a resident of beautiful Peachland for over 14 years, over 10 of those I have served our  community in the Peachland Fire and Rescue Service.
 This year I joined the ranks of the Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance and its many diverse members as a Forest Watch Volunteer.
 At 52 years young,  I have spent all of my life in the back country either camping,  swimming,  kayaking, raft guiding, biking,  cross country  and downhill skiing,  or just laying on the dirt appreciating the sky and life around me.
 I have a 15 year old daughter  who shares the same passions in whom I have instilled love and stewardship of our Earth and home.
 My daughter,  Chevy (Peachland Youth Citizen of Year Alumni) is a wonderful ambassador of the environment and all that is in it.
 I have tried to teach her that even one,  small person can make a difference and be an inspiration to others.
 My apologies for my long winded biography, so I’ll get to my point.
 It breaks my heart to see  the clear-cut, greedy pillaging, the use of our backcountry as a dumping ground for our household waste and yardwaste materials. IMO, there is no excuse good enough for that kind of questionable behavior(s). I want to leave this place in better shape than it was passed on to me.
 The pictures that I have shared in this message
is what I see a lot of on my adventures with my dogs. I spend a lot of time wandering aimlessly, off trails and continuously shocked at what I find out there, and the trouble that people have gone to.
 I am inspired by the many individuals of the PWPA, and those that aren’t, that volunteer time and expertise in collecting the tons of garbage from the forest.
 Just as important and frightening, is the amount  of yardwaste I see. I am not sure if there has been an increase in this activity since our greenwaste area was closed, but we need to find a better protect our forest, our Watershed, our town from the next big wildfire (it’s a coming one day).
 The last few weeks my fur family and I have been intermittently visiting our dog park off the end of Sanderson Rd and have noticed growing piles.of yard waste. It seems to be brought up by a machine from the Seymour Rd area. If you zoom in on the second picture (the one with the big debris pile), you can see a home just downhill from the pile.  If I was that homeowner, I would not be happy, especially since FireSmart’ing our homes has become such an important and valuable resource in our community.
 I hope in sharing my story and experience with you, that we can find a way to mitigate the existing problem and continue to educate and prevent more occurances.