JOIN US FOR WORLD WATER DAY! Every one is welcome!

Events Schedule

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Drumming, Kiosks, Water pledge, ballot entry for prize draw, photo Op with “Premier” or ‘Stand-In’, interview with ‘Water-wise’ reporter


  • Territorial Welcome
  • Land Acknowledgment
  • Introductions
  • Mayor Cindy Fortin, Peachland-opening remarks
  • Mayor Toni Boot, Summerland
  • OBWB Make Water Work ‘Duel’
  • Syilx Water Declaration
  • Draw “Water is Life” prize
  • Closing Remark

Special guests, media, members and public are invited to stay for Refreshments, Music, Mingling, Conversations, Interviews for the PWPA documentary and photo opportunities

More info

The Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance (PWPA)will be hosting a special event to honour Okanagan water with community members including First Nations, elected officials and community groups.  This is the first live event for the grassroots organization in two years; whether we drink, wash, fish, bath, bottle, brew or irrigate, water is essential and deserves our attention.

Participants will share the syilx Water Declaration and make a pledge to defend water in all its manifestations.  A local resident and someone who relies on safe, clean water, Peachland’s Mayor, Cindy Fortin, has been invited to share her ongoing efforts for source water protection. “The District of Peachland takes water conservation and source water protection very seriously, and we were proud to be the Okanagan Basin Water Board’s Make Water Work Community Champion last year!  We also formed a Healthy Watersheds Committee a few years ago in an effort to ensure that our drinking water is safe, clean, and abundant for generations to come. Water is our most precious resource that none of us can do without, and it is incumbent on all of us to respect it and protect it” according to Fortin.  With Peachland the 2021 winner of the water challenge, and Summerland a runner up, you will not want to miss our local water stewards, the Peachland and Summerland Mayors, defend their titles and champion water in a friendly ‘duel’.

Fun for the whole family! Are you new to Peachland? Looking to get connected? Have a desire to take part in community building?   Pop in and say Hi!  Most of us were new here once upon a time too.

Are you concerned about the environmental threats to the Okanagan? Have you been hearing about brown water in the spring? Some of us were not always “activists”, We are just a group of regular folks who are concerned about Peachland’s water source,  We’d love to meet  more of our neighbours – please drop in and say Hi!