By Dawn Boys – PWPA Watershed Watch

Late October, on my trail run in the watershed I came across an injured eagle who’s wing tip had been torn by a predator bite. She was trying to swim in and about Deep Creek. This was quite likely from feeding on a discarded deer carcass along the logging road above the trail.

On 2 attempts she was finally rescued by myself and the volunteer from SORCO Raptor Rehabilitation in Oliver.

The raptors are a vital part of our ecosystem and keep rodent and small mammals populations under control for the watershed and farmers, vineyards & orchards.
They are called “ecological barometers” as they can relay the health of the environment they live in. Being very sensitive to chemicals and pollutants, their ill health & population decline can alert scientists to environmental stressors.

Please visit SORCO if you wish to donate and read some of their favourite stories. In particular the one about the bald eagle that reunited with its mate on its release after 5 months of rehabilitation.

This eagle, “Witchita” who I was asked to name, will be released in a few weeks according to SORCO. I’ll look forward to being there to set her free.

UPDATE: Dawn reported that Wichita was successfully treated, then released on November 22.

I said goodbye to Witchita Sunday and was honoured to open this cage and set her free. She was released at the cattle guard. Lots to munch on!
I’m keeping my eye on her and sending her blessings 🦅🙏🏼💗.
I could have stared at this majestic face for a long time. Beautiful
(Photo Dawn Boys, Favebook)