In February PWPA received a request from assistance regarding a proposal to build an unserviced campground within the RDCO boundaries in the Trepanier area.

There are many concerning details about this plan, as detailed in the document we received.  PWPA directors were taken aback that the regional district would allow a development like this, with the fire risk being a major concern, along with potential damage to the the fish-bearing creek where the proposed development would be located.

Several PWPA members sent letters of objection as did PWPA.  We encourage anyone else who feels this type of development is inappropriate for this location to contact the parties listed in the document.

Document text below  Link to the original document (PDF) here

Opposition to 4690 Trepanier Road
Proposed Campsite and Storage Lot
What you need to know…
A TUP (temporary use permit) has been applied for, to convert 4690 Trepanier Rd. into a 40-lot
campsite and a 1-acre storage yard. The owners say it will operate yearly March to October. It
will be a dry site -meaning no hookups (water/electricity/sani-dump). The TUP will last for 3
years with the option for a 3-year extension. The owners have indicated they plan to use the
TUP for the full 6 years while working to change the zoning. The owners have stated this
campsite will become permanent!

The TUP doesn’t allow for public feedback at the board meeting, it is a backdoor way to skirt
having to re-zone. It was never meant for this type of business -it was meant as a tool for the
RDCO to have control over industrial sites (e.g., gravel pits).

This is the second attempt for a TUP. They had previously applied in the spring of 2022 and
were unanimously shot down by the RDCO Board. With elections this past fall, the owners are
hoping to take advantage of new board members who may not be familiar with this

If you scan the QR code with the camera on your phone, it will direct you to the
video of the previous RDCO board meeting. (Start viewing at the 1-hour mark)
How will this campsite affect you?

Fire danger

 There is no fire protection for our area. If a fire breaks out, Peachland
and W.K. fire departments are not allowed to respond. Forestry will
respond with 3-person crew in a pick-up truck and limited water.

 Forestry does not have the capacity to fight a structure/vehicle fire. A storage lot covered in
fuel filled vehicles and rv’s with propane tanks will be left to burn uncontrolled.

 The location of this site is at the only entrance/exit of Trepanier (North of 97C), if there is a fire
on the lot you and your family could be trapped with no way out.

 In the case of a forest fire with an evacuation order, 40 rv’s leaving at once could block in
residents trying to leave.

Environmental Danger

 40 sites (100+ people and possibly pets) cooling of in Trepanier Creek all summer (detrimental
to fish habitat).

 No sewer/sani-dump – The closest sani dump is in West Kelowna. Lazy campers will spill
sewage instead of packing up and driving into town to dispose.

 There are drinking water intakes (Star Road) just below this site.

Traffic Concerns

 Vancouver vacationers pulling U-turns on 97c instead of driving into town to turn around.
 Increased traffic on Trepanier road -including offroad vehicles driving up the road to access

Other Concerns

 Not in alignment with the Trepanier Road “Official Community Plan”
 The Paradise Valley “temporary” campsite has illegally turned into a year-round site with
permanent residents. RDCO is unable (or unwilling) to enforce the rules. This new campsite
will turn into more of the same.

 Increased noise, and potential for more vandalism, crime and garbage.

 Increased bears and wildlife

How can you help us fight this project?

Sign our petition and email a short opposition letter to:

 RDCO Planning Department
 Wayne Carson RDCO West Board member (Our Rep)
 Patrick Van Minsel Peachland Mayor/Board Member
 Kevin Kraft RDCO East Board Member
 Gord Milsom W. Kelowna Mayor/Board Member