As a new face in the council I would need to familiarize myself with the processes of government funding and the projects that are available.

Again making myself familiar with the processes and the people involved in the water shed community. Understanding how each part of the process works will allow me to be able to know how to be effective.

Anytime you can get groups together to constructively work towards a common goal is important. Info structure is an important issue in Peachland and creating a plan is essential, a council person should have the municipalities best interests.

I would need to further inform myself on this subject however we must remember we are encroaching on the environment at a rapid pace. The pandemic created a need to explore the outdoors, more RV’s, more ATV’s, more side by sides, more motorcycles, just plain more people in the natural surroundings.

Being elected a council person means taking the interests of your municipality.

We moved here in 2010, the population was just under 5,000 residents. In 12 years the population has increased by 500 people. So by calculations we shall see population levels at 7,000 in 20 to 30 years. Peachland needs to act like a business and not a charity. Bring in parking meters in the summer and create some infrastructure money’s. A business gets creative to stay in business.