January 20, 2022

If you are new to PWPA, the board or just unable to keep abreast, here is smattering of some of the MEDIA and IN PERSON OUTREACH achieved by PWPA in 2021.  What’s most remarkable is the variety; from television, to international publications, mainstream media, independent journalism, local newspapers, in-person advocacy and community relationship building.

Global Okanagan

PWPA Communications Chair questions lack of information and community involvement in government and industry decision in our watershed


Journalist and Photographer from Patagonia’s environmental branch ski tour Peachland watershed, lead by director Corey Sutton, interviews by local trappers, Fenton family and PWPA director Taryn Skalbania. Read about the skiiers’ experience here – in the Worst Traverse. (10 minute read)

Weather Network

Article and Video linking clear cut forestry and floods, Grand Forks and Peachland are focus, PWPA interviewed

Global News

Interview with PWPA Outreach director, Taryn Skalbania, on links between clear cut logging and November province wide mass flooding


Article covering expert and community voices linking the November floods and extreme peak flows to clear cut forestry, PWPA interviewed

Focus on Victoria

Opinion Piece by PWPA’s Taryn Skalbania, logging’s remedy for wildfires will only make them worse.

Daily Courier

PWPA Outreach raises concerns over removal of natural flood defenses

Daily Courier

A community point of view on necessary reforms for forestry; some conservationists resort to protesting

Corey Sutton traverses with Patagonia- THE WORST TRAVERSE