Mayor and council need to reach out to the provincial government bringing our concerns to the forefront. We need as council to work being the champion and spokesperson bringing attention to the importance of our watershed. Public engagement and awareness to the importance of our most precious resource.We need to be sure that environmental assessments are being done and guidelines are being enforced. Regular engagement with our provincial counterpart justifying our need for consistent funding.

Working collaboratively with everyone who has a vested interest is the only way to achieve protection for our watersheds. Creating local jobs with local people helps create an inclusive community with a common goal. We should endeavour to forge bonds with the indigenous communities to be partners in stewardship of the environment. Funding needs to be prioritized at all levels of government. Citizens need to be informed and willing to help in the protection of the watersheds.

Princeton Ave is in need of attention. If it is a commercial route the costs of maintaining and repairs should be borne or at least shard by the provincial government. Clearly their are regular logging trucks and others using this route. Commercial licensing fees are collected by the provincial government and those funds should filter back to the communities who are being affected. Traffic monitoring might be a good place to start. Just how many users are commercial vs local residents. It appears that Princeton is a shorter route for logging and or industrial trucks and for companies mileage is priority. Peachlanders are subsidizing industry and receiving no benefits. Discussion with the provincial government regarding this issue should result in action.

It is unacceptable to not receive a reply after three years. The governments failure to respond should be called out. Why did we not follow up and request a response? A new letter should be drafted and sent immediately. Contacting the media might bring some traction to the issues. Can we afford to wait? A campaign bringing awareness and attention to the issues. We have in Peachland an awesome group of people who volunteer to protect our watershed. Their passion is to be commended.

I clearly do not have an answer to this question.I recognize the importance of clean water and how it sustains our residents, animals, fish and eco systems. I would not be comfortable allowing development to continue without a clear understanding of how many people can be supported. The taxpayers are not an endless source for money. Developers usually don’t live in the community, it is only a means of making money. It’s the residents current and future who will live with the consequences.

Water conservation is important. Helping current residents reduce their usage by promoting rain barrels and containment. Plant shrubs or trees that need less water.Developers can create homes with water protection in mind. Developers could be charged a flat fee. There is not one group that should pay. Many different initiatives including the many tourists who visit Peachland and use the services such as the washrooms on beach avenue, the boat launch, splash pad, air B&Bs. They all use water.