If elected I will support policy and initiatives aimed at protecting Peachland's watershed. I will encourage the district to identify opportunities at the Provincial and Federal level that will protect/benefit Peachland's watershed and source water. I will continue to lobby higher levels of government to curtail harmful logging practices in our watershed.

These type of initiative require collaboration between stakeholders. If there is a unified and coordinated effort towards a common goal the likelihood of success is far greater. I will support the improvement of stakeholder relationships and communication on all matters related to watershed protection.

In theory this is a good idea but likely has several major legal problems with its implementation. A municipality is limited by the local government act with regards to who/what they can charge and how it can implement taxation.

I would seek input from the HWC who have been tasked with brainstorming this issue for their recommendations for additions or edits to the letter.

I do not understand this question.

7100 before reservoir capacity would require an upgrade and 11,300 before plant expansion would be required. The water treatment plant was purpose built to be able to be upgraded over time as the population expands. All future upgrades are to be borne by developers since these costs are principally related to new development unlike before. These are collected though development cost charges.