I lived in the forestry town of Prince George for 33 years as wife, mother, and elementary school teacher. Surrounded by lodgepole pines, we lived on 5 acres as well as a property at Cluculz Lake and loved tending our part of the forest.  In 2003 we retired to Peachland, and later that year the pines on the PG property turned red, victims of the pine beetle.  A result of climate change.  Way fewer long days of -40 degrees during the winter. It was a sad loss  to hear that our old pine trees were all cut down.

Soon after we moved to Peachland, I found a way to access the wild areas beyond the houses.  There I roamed the hills with my dogs, and still do.  I discovered deer trails that led me up and down and all around.  I wrote poetry, recorded my wonder at what the land had to show. For a long time I volunteered with the Peachland Wellness Centre in various ways, discovering the joy of giving help to a grassroots organization. At the same time there were my almost daily walks.  Being out on the land is reviving, nurturing to the spirit.

Bits of wolf lichen strewn on the snow drew my attention during the first winter. I’d take them home to examine under the microscope and wonder at their delightful intricacy.  In time I downloaded the Ministry’s identification guide, photographed the beauty of lichens, indulged in learning the names of our local wildflowers, the joy of mosses.  Science books of all topics have filled my shelves and nurtured my mind.  It was natural to turn my attention to what PWPA was doing to protect our watershed.  At this time I am happy to join the volunteer team that supports our mission and goals.

Judy is the Member Liaison for PWPA and organizes and maintains all our member lists, keeps in touch with members, and is also an editor for our newsletter,