- Research available funding programs and grants available. - Ensuring proper paperwork is submitted to prevent delays or rejection. - Advocate to the appropriate Ministers on behalf of Peachland. - I want to ensure that proposed projects will not endanger our watershed.

Collaborate with the key stakeholders and make sure they understand the importance of watersheds. People do not understand that without our watershed, we have no water..regardless of a water treatment plant.

Discuss with council the possibility of implementing a usage tax on businesses using Princeton as a Commercial roadway. I need to research if we are even capable of applying a levy to businesses on a municipal level or if it must be approached on a provincial level. If municipal, I will put forth a motion to explore Commercial Usage Fees to businesses that excessively use residential roads.

Create a petition to provide intent, via resident signatures, expressing the need for immediate response and action on the first submitted letter.

Yes. I understand the importance of engagement for advocacy, but also understand there are decisions made for us by provincial government. I am not willing to compromise our watershed or WTP and will do my best to come to any table on behalf of Peachland.

I would suggest the District look to create a WTP Contingency fund, to be solely funded by future development. Developers come and go, and in between that they make money...lots of it. Increase non refundable deposits for "works"' and penalties for failure to comply. There should be an additional fee per unit assessed to go towards the fund for future expansion of the WTP based on units and occupants.