The PWPA 2020 AGM was held on January 28th 2021. Because of COVID restrictions the meeting was presented over Zoom.  We had a great turnout of 21 members and directors.

While it was not as lively as the in-person AGMs of the past, we tried to include some levity and activities to keep everyone engaged, with a scavenger hunt and Bingo.   READ MORE

For the business segment of the meeting, members heard about our accomplishments during the year, limited in scope because of COVID. But we also recognize the importance of keeping the organization energetic and active and we have developed an innovative activities calendar of events for the coming year that will be fun, informative and help build that sense of community that we all need.

The 2021 budget and proposed events calendar were presented and passed.  The members also voted in a new Board of Directors for 2021. The 2020 Board consisted of 5 directors, three of whom were not returning. Our by-laws permit a maximum of 10. Knowing that we need a solid core of volunteers to affect change for our watershed the nomination committee recruited 9 members to take on the job.

The nominating committee presented a slate of the nine candidates, all of whom were elected.

The new PWPA Board for 2021 is

  • Jack Gerow  Chair
  • Val McGillivray  Treasurer
  • Virginia Schmidt  Secretary
  • Patricia Dunn
  • Lee Humphries
  • Alex Morrison
  • Taryn Skalbania
  • Dora Stewart
  • Cory Sutton

After the business was done, we tallied up the scavenger hunt “finds”, and played a rousting game of online virtual watershed bingo – a first for PWPA! The prizes up for grabs included a dozen fresh eggs, and a series of beautiful art prints, donated by Taryn.  Two framed fine art original photographs, donated by Alex, and a PWPA coffee mug, donated by PWPA. Winners of the contests were Dora Stewart and Taryn Skalbania.

It was a successful AGM, even with the constraints of Zoom, and kudos to Alison Moore meeting chair for running a well-organized, well-paced and productive meeting.  On behalf of our members we than the outgoing directors for their hard work during the past year.

We thank all our members for their contributions and support. We are looking forward to a better 2021, where we can all feel like we are making a difference to protect our watershed.

Minutes will be distributed for ratification with the 2021 AGM package which will be sent in December this year, prior to the 2021 AGM.